July 1-6, 2019 Goals

In June we didn’t have any goals set. It was a busy month, and while we should have set goals, we didn’t. Boo had VBS. We went to Tulsa and Bartlesville. June was a good month.

We are going to do something a bit different this month. Both Ry and I have neurodivergent brains. That means we see and do things differently than someone who is neurotypical. Since we’ve both been having trouble getting things done, I thought if we posted our weekly to-do’s on the blog, we’d have a bit more accountability to do them.

July 1-6 Goals

  • Find/make a cleaning routine and start to make it a habit. Pinterest will be helpful for this. Also, I’ve heard that Flylady.net is so very helpful.
  • Enjoy 4th of July
  • Start getting to bed earlier. 1:00 AM is too late.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Send out 10 pitches.
  • Work on our lead magnet for two hours.
  • Start writing at least 15 minutes a day (fiction).

These are the goals for this week. We will see how we do and report back on Saturday.

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